Zorgs Rottweilers

Around 30 years ago whilst attending a dog show with a friend we noticed a large majestic black and tan dog being shown in the next ring. As the friend bred Chows and Pekinese she could not understand what we saw in this impressive breed as it had a short coat and no tail!!! For us the die was cast. We wanted one. That is how a good few years ago we became the proud owners of our first Rottweiler. Having always owned various mongrels and cross breeds that just seem to 'turn up' at our doors to be adopted by the family, we found that we had to do our homework before acquiring our Rottie. Much time and effort was put into obtaining all available knowledge of the breed and good caring responsible breeders available at that time.

Two years later we became involved with Skye Terriers and they fitted in well with the rotties as they believed themselves to lions much like most terriers. Two years ago we lost our last skye and we are still waiting to obtain our next,as they are now so sparce and hard to obtain,but we will have another soon,patiente is a vitrue.

As a family our dogs have brought us much joy, fun and heartache. Our lives seem to revolve around them as our activities and social live all appear to be doggie related. We started to show our Rotties when we bought a bitch 'Cuidado Sweet Bramble' and from that time have 'played' at showing our dogs with some success and most of the time it can be fun for us and the dogs. Crufts and various other Champ Shows, Open Shows etc. including Obedience and Agility shows have been enjoyable and rewarding over the years.

We have served on quite a number of canine club and society committees over the years. Have been trainers for ringcraft, obedience and agility clubs and enjoyed working trials and tracking. We have been involved with Rottweiler Rescue . All our dogs have passed various stages from Bronze to Gold in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme tests. Three of our Rotties worked in local hospitals and homes as 'Therapets' (therepy dogs) for Canine Concern Scotland Trust. In the past our dogs passed the Rottweiler Character tests run by the Scottish Rottweiler Club when it had a training venue at Lundin Links, Fife. Sadly long gone. Being a qualified trainer & behaviourist we also run our own training classes 'Strutt-a-Mutt' for all types of dogs assisting owners to train and socialise their dogs. 'Problem' dogs are seen on a one-to-one basis. We are also breed advisers for the 'Dogs Today' magazine which is very interesting and founder members of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme.


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