Welcome to Canine Cuts . I have been around dogs my whole life but at the age of six my parents became involved in dog showing,Initailly this was with the rotties and then we introduced the Skye Terriers which meant many hours grooming in preparation for shows. As I grew older I preferred training dogs in obedience , agility and tracking which I find very rewarding. Working in kennels and stables over the years has helped me to deal with animals in all environments and understand how to keep them calm and stress free whilst being groomed and handled. I have studied business management and canine and human psychology. During this period, I helped with rescue dogs managing to obtain a few along the way.

I still show my rotts and skyes at Champ shows when time permits with some success. Canine Cuts has a satisfied and expanding cliental from within Angus, Tayside and Perthshire, including many returning holiday customers.

Owners are welcome to wait in our shop or pop into town for a bite to eat or a bit of retail therapy



Hand Stripping
Some breeds need to have their coats stripped as part of their regular grooming routine. Most coats have two types of hair, the softer hair and the harsh longer guard hairs. It is these guard hairs that die and shed and need to be removed with the fingers or blade Many terrier breeds traditionally have their coats hand stripped. A dog’s will shed his coat approximately every six months and it is then that the hand stripping should be done. The longer hairs are plucked from the coat leaving an even coloured, even textured coat that will take around ten days to settle down

Brushing not only makes your pet's coat look nice and shiny. It is vital for skin and overall health . We will be able to check your dog closely for any problems during brushing. During brushing the dogs coat can be moved aside so as to examine the skin closely for signs of skin irritations which if found will be reported to the owner.

De-matting/Dead Hair Removal
Mats and tangles can be carefully removed with de-matters and rakes or, if necessary, carefully cut out.This can only be carried out with dogs that will be compliant ,sever matting is uncomfortable for may dogs and sometimes is kinder on the dog to have it clipped so as to start again.

Many dogs are clipped either because the necessity to keep the dog well groomed which in turn helps to keep it healthy, or for the purposes of easier management as a house pet.Sever matting of the coat may require clipping . This will allow the coat to re-grow and with regular grooming it should prevent reoccurance.

Anal Glands
If you notice that your dog is continually licking his rectal area or dragging this area across the ground, it may indicate that the anal glands of the dog are full or infected. Please speak to your vet if you beleive this to be the case

Cleanliness and proper grooming can be very important to the continued good health of our pets. All our shampoos are purchased from GROOMERS.Groomers Shampoos and Conditioners are all manufactured in-house and are made from the finest, naturally derived ingredients. Each shampoo and conditioner is scented and is formulated for specific skin conditions and coat types. This means that dogs can be bathed and groomed regularly, without the fear of natural oils being stripped from the coat. Many of Groomers Dog Shampoos contain Evening Primrose Oil which is very useful in the treatment of skin conditions.

If your dog does not wear his nails down through exercise inevitably the will become to long. Not trimming his nails can cause your dog to break his nails, which can be very painful . You also are more likely to be scratched as your pet reaches out to play.




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